7 elegant space-saving ideas to display more plants home

Do you find yourself returning home every other day with a new plant so much so that you are running out of space ? If you do, these seven elegant space-saving ideas will help you display plants in your home effortlessly and cautiously, especially if you have kids and pets running around.

Firstly, we will like to point out that you’ll be able to apply these tips if your home is well-lighted and if you have a fable for trailing or floating plants. If you see yourself as that someone, let’s hit the road ! 😉

Seven elegant space-saving ideas to easily display more plants in your home

Display plants on a ceiling of suspended driftwood 

Do you love the driftwood trend ? Maybe you’re a lover of wooden items like me ! If you do, then consider hanging some trailing plants on suspended driftwood. It’s an elegant and space-saving way to display plants in your home, especially if you have young children and pets, but please proceed with caution. The number of plants displayed on your driftwood is directly proportional to its steadiness. You must seek the help of a carpenter to avoid unforeseen accidents. Moreover, your driftwood has to have the capability of carrying multiple plants and planters. Please don’t forget to inspect your driftwood from time to time for wear-offs.

Use driftwood to display plants and to add some woody texture to your plant design

Combine or pair multiple and compatible plants

Pairing multiple, compatible plants in a planter will not only help you save space but could also make a beautiful plant arrangement. However, this tip can be applicable if you collect plants of the same species because if they vary in their care (watering, humidity, light, and temperature), they will eventually die. For example, a plant arrangement made of Ficus Benghalensis, Ficus Tineke, and the Rubber plant will flourish better because their needs match. On the other hand, a plant arrangement of Succulents, Ferns, and Four-leaf clover plants will fail because of their diverse demands. Sad, but that’s the bitter-sweet reality we must learn to embrace.

Pair plants of the same species to achieve a beautiful arrangement thereby also maximizing space

Create a green living wall

Do you frequently trim down your trailing plants because they get lengthy ? It’s probably time to consider creating a green living wall unto which you can showcase the luscious foliages of your Monstera Adansonii. A green wall is one of our favorite ways to display trailing plants like Philodendrons, Monstera Dubia, and Pothos greenery. What about you ? If you are part of team green living wall, then you must, first of all, decide whether:

  • To go for a succulent plant wall galery. A succulent wall is usually a frame constructed to host multiple small plants. It’s sometimes composed of Succulents or a mixture of succulents and Cacti. With the succulent plant wall display, you water the plants by misting the earth with a spray bottle. 
  • Or decide for trailing plants (Philodendron Micans, Monstera Adansoni, and Pothos). Trailing plants with long vines is optimal to create a green living wall. If you want your green living wall to stand out, you might consider pairing multiple plants with varying colors. For example, a blend of Philodendron Lemon-Lime, Philodendron Micans, and Scandens are the perfect match. 

Bottom line

Displaying trailing vines is a great way to save space, but the catch is you have to take down the plants frequently when it’s bathing time, which could be time-consuming. Also, there’s a great chance of damaging the plants when dismounting them. 

Save space by Showcasing your plants on a DIY succulent wall

Skip the blinds and go plants instead

As the saying goes, ”He who plants a garden plants happiness.”

Plants, as you know, are the perfect mood boosters, but it doesn’t stop at that. Plants could also serve the purpose of blinds, such as beautifying your home and providing privacy. So if you are not a blind person but still desire some privacy, consider mounting a tension rod to display multiple plants. You will not only be beautifying your home, but you will also be saving a lot of space and reducing indoor toxins. Some plants to display on your blind rods include Ceropegia Woodii (“String of Hearts”), Senecio peregrinus (“Strings of Dolphin”)Senecio Rowleyanus (“Strings of Pearls”), Peperomia Prostrata (“Strings of Turtles”), and Chlorophytum Comosum (“Spider Plant”).

Additional Tips

Door and window blinds sometimes act as sunlight filters for your plants, therefore, it’s necessary to select plants that can grow unharmed in unfiltered sunlight. Some of them include Ceropegia Woodii (“String of Hearts”), Senecio Peregrinus (“Strings of Dolphin”)Senecio Rowleyanus (“Strings of Pearls”), Peperomia Prostrata (“Strings of Turtles”). For safety purposes, it’s crucial to mount sophisticated rods made from steel that can carry the weight of your plants and planters.

Showcasing plants on window rods is a smart way to maximize space

Mount and display your greenery on a suspended wall shelf

Wall shelves could be an eco-friendly, cost-friendly, and stylish way to display plants in small spaces. Today, you have a wide range of options as they come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. So if you’re looking forward to adding some texture to your already existing furniture, you are free to choose between wooden or metal shelves. However, wooden shelves will add a different vibe to your decoration, so will metal shelves. You might decide to showcase your plants minimally using Terracotta planters, DIY macrame shelves, or go extravagant with designer planters and shelves while featuring other decorative items. No matter your taste, plants will always complement your design ! 😉

Cascading plants from a wall shelf is a great way to efficiently utilize your space

Display plants in wall hangings and other textiles

If you’re a lover of bohemian design and won’t stop fidgeting with fibers and other textiles, then it’s time to give this gorgeous space-saving plant display idea a try. You’ll not only benefit from the artistic flair that wall hangers will add to your home but also the wide range of textile feel and designs. The textile fibers usually range from cotton, wool, jute, linen to kapok and unrecycled clothing. Meaning you’ll be able to find a perfect match for your home. So, if you have some worn-out clothes in your wardrobe, you could consider upcycling them using the macrame basic square-knot technique. You’ll be mesmerized by what you can create using clothes you got tired of wearing.

Another advantage of the plant wall hangers is that they are versatile. In other words, you can use them as you see fit to display multiple decorative or non-decorative items. 

Save space by showing off your plants in macrame wall hangers

Arrange a series of plants on your window sills

Protruded built-in window sills, window gaskets, or window ledges might be unique to a few countries in the western world, but they are the norm in most parts of Germany or maybe all of Europe. If you come from a tropical country like me, extensive window sills may appear awkward, but they serve a good purpose. Firstly, the sill effectively holds the sash when the window is closed. Secondly, they serve as good storage space for plants and other items. However, if you have a heater running underneath your window sill where your plants are standing, the high temperature might cause extensive damage to your plants. Plants placed close to a running heater also suffer leaf damages such as browning and a vulnerability to pests. Therefore, we suggest optimizing the heater to a conducive temperature (room temperature) beneficial to your plants. 

Make the most of your windows sills by displaying the plants you love

Bonus Tips

Making use of unoccupied bed-side tables and shelves

From personal experience, it’s fun laying in bed next to your favorite plant, sipping on a cup of coffee while reading one of your favorite novels. In other words, we’ve created our personal cozy and inexpensive bedroom jungle by maximizing our little space.

But how did we create our oasis ? It depends on your taste, and it was as easy as pie !

A few weeks ago, we got the urge to replace our bed lamps with something small and cute. Then we filled up the remaining well-lighted spot with a glorious Monstera Deliciosa. The outcome was a relaxing and welcoming urban jungle as we expected. Without delay, we treated ourselves to a cup of coffee and some good music. Well, the hustle paid off, but if you don’t want to replace your lamp just to fit in a plant, another option will be:

Placing your plants on occupied kitchen or wardrobe shelves, provided they receive sufficient light. If the light they receive isn’t ample, please consider supplementing artificial grow lights. 

We hope you can make use of our seven space-saving ideas and finally efficiently display all of your favorite plants brilliantly and beautifully. 

We wish you a great time with your green babies !

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