About Me

Living in greens and living a green life is easy ! If I can do it, you can too !

Hi! I’m Bih Adelle Konrad, but you can call me Bih. I am originally from Cameroon, but a strong wind blew me to Europe (Germany).

Who am I ?

So, Who am I ? Socrates was quite clear when he said ”Man Know Thyself”, but it’s a complex question that warrants more than a straightforward answer, but I’ll give it my best shot. I’m an imperfect human, exploring life’s contrasts as I strive to make the best out of my experiences. However, my loved ones say that I’m tenacious, a little strong-headed, sensitive, and also a people person. Also, I see myself as solution-oriented, one who can adapt, and a passionate gardener for both indoors and outdoor plants. Well, my gardening skills were not an overnight success, but it was the perfect elixir that helped me amend my homesickness.

Four years ago, after I arrived in Germany, I was enthusiastic and looked forward to beautiful adventures, but I also became homesick. It was the first time in my life to be far from home, and I had no idea of how to deal with such challenges. Perhaps I was naive or all too busy with the planning and preparation process such trips encompass. Anyway, amid these challenges, which included dealing with my homesickness, adapting to a new culture, learning a new language, gardening was one of the few things that brought joy to my life.

Growth And Milestones

Today, I host over 100 houseplants and have propagated and gifted uncountable. I also help other plant enthusiasts rediscover and reignite their green thumbs. With me, you will find out that growing and nurturing plants is easy and fun because they are the perfect mood boosters. From my point of view, there’s a plant or plants out there that you’ll keep alive even if you consider yourself as one without a green thumb.

The milestones I mentioned above helped pave the way to my lost but found current passion for plants, although outdoor gardening had also been part of the setting in our home. My late mom was also a passionate gardener, and when I’m around greeneries, I feel connected to her. One could say that I’ve been a gardener my whole life, but for outdoor plants. My indoor gardening skills came after a lot of trial and error, but it was worth it.

As you know, without a grow-house and without being a well-established gardener in Germany, things got complicated trying to grow plants outdoors. After my first failed attempt to grow vegetables outdoors, I switched to indoor gardening. But indoor gardening also comes with challenges I had no clue about, given I was an amateur at the time. In the first year, several plants died, and I was crestfallen. I almost gave up, but my love for greens was unbending. Maybe I didn’t give up because other plants in my collection, like my Dracaena lemon-lime, kept flourishing, and it gave me the zeal to keep the ball rolling. I’m unable to tell.

Journeying In Greens

At that time, I coined such experiences as bitter. But without them, I wouldn’t have gained the knowledge I have and which I’m joyously ready to share with you. Growing and nurturing plants have led me to a path of self-discovery. I became able to reconnect with my inner being. Among all, I tasted the sweet nectar of true self-alignment, which sparked up other interests in me, such as learning to play the guitar, switching to a plant-based diet, prepping for my career in social pedagogics, and going eco. So get ready to receive my tips for growing plants successfully, savory Cameroonian / German plant-based recipes, and some eco-tips. 

Anyone may lose their way in life due to one reason or the other, and adding plant care to your routine could help cheer you up. I believe in the powerful forces of nature and in the power of focusing on the thing or things that bring you joy. If you find it, mold and let it grow, but never let go of it. Let’s make your plant journey worth a while because it’s:

  • Green for plants
  • Green for plant-base living 
  • Green for eco and low-tox living